N.C.A.R.C. Field Day Operations
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                                                                                                FIELD DAY IS 

            ( 1 )  A competitive event where Amateur Radio operators set up radio
                      equipment in the field, to compete with other radio operators across the
                      nation, scoring points for contacts.
            ( 2 )  An event to test the readiness and stamina of Amateur Radio Emergency
            ( 3 )  A chance to meet new friends and test the limits of your favorite hobby.

           Visit the North Coast Amateur Radio Club and participate in Field Day. You do not
           have to be a licensed Operator to participate. Amateur Radio operators will be
           there to demonstrate equipment and show you how it is used.   They will try to
           answer your questions.   There is no age limit with Amateur Radio, so bring your
           entire family. (No charge for admission) 

                     Field Day is always heald on the 4th Full Weekend of the Month of June.

        This Year ( 2020 ) Field Day will be held on Saturday - June 27 and Sunday - June 28.


 At Fred's Tree Farm, 5631 Mack Drive, Valley City, Ohio 44280.
 (Off of Pauline Dr., off of Grafton Rd. west of U.S. Rt 42).
The Maps below, the 42 shown is Grafton Road.
     The 42 is a County Road Number (Not State Route 42).
NCARC needs your support !


 Saturday June 27 Saturday and Sunday June 28, 2020

 Saturday 27, at 10:00 AM - Set up Equipment at the Field Day site.

 Saturday 27, at 2:00 PM - Field Day operations begin.

 Sunday 28, at 2:00 PM - Field Day operations end.

 Sunday 28, at 2:00 PM - Equipment is taken down.

 The Field Day site will be in continuous operation so you may drop by at any time.
 Weather will not affect Field Day.

 Come by early and watch us put up portable antennas, set equipment up, along
 with deep cycle batteries used to power the equipment.   See what FIVE WATTS
 of RF power can do!

 TALK-IN WILL BE ON THE 145.290 MHz N8NC REPEATER (-.600)  PL 110.9

Some Photos from the 2017 NCARC Field Day

If you are looking for the instructions for the "Double Bazooka Antenna"

here is a Link to a "PDF" with all of the information:  DBAntenna 
Thanks to Hank - WB8RNI (SK) for providing the information.

The 2018 North Coast Amateur Radio Club Field Day STATS submitted to the ARRL

Call Used: N8NC GOTA Station Call: (none) ARRL/RAC Section: OH Class: 5A

Participants: 25 Club/Group Name: North Coast Amateur Radio Club

Power Source(s): Battery

Power Multiplier: 5X

Bonus Points:
100% Emergency power 500
Media Publicity 100
Public Location 100
Submitted via the Web 50
Total Bonus Points 750

Score Summary:
CW Digital Phone Total
Total QSOs 0 0 296
Total Points 0 0 296 296 Claimed Score = 1,480

Submitted by:
PO BOX 271
BRUNSWICK, OH 44212-0271
E-mail: k8sci@noard

Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:

CW Digital Phone
QSOs Pwr(W) QSOs Pwr(W) QSOs Pwr(W)
80m 49 5
40m 189 5
20m 6 5
15m 38 5
10m 14 5
TOTAL 0 0 296

Supporting documentation for Bonus Points will be sent via e-mail.

Total Points of 1.480 plus BONUS Points of 750 = 2,230 Points

5A Battery, Ohio, 2,230 Points

How much more can we inprove on this, this year ??  What can you do to help ??